Monday, March 5, 2012

Coming Soon After this Short Break From Our Sponsors

Hello Authors, Publishers, and Followers!

(This is our wedding picture from almost three years ago!)
It's been a whirlwind past couple of months away from here and I have lots to share! First, the reason for my absence was three-fold. The first, my husband quit his job to go back to school full time and participate in two internships, leaving me to work more hours at both of my jobs. That has hardly left me any time to read, let alone sleep, eat, and exercise. It was a huge decision for us, but one that I don't regret and I cannot be any prouder of him.

The second reason, we got a puppy for my parents. She is a sweet border collie/australian cattle dog mix. That means she is full of energy and is incredibly smart. As a whole family, we took on the role of training. So, I am there multiple times a week trying to help out. I've never had a dog, so this has been such a fun experience.

And lastly, we manage a rental house and are preparing and searching for more roommates. It's a harder task than you would think! So, we have been remodeling the decor, advertising everywhere, and interviewing lots of people.

Coming Soon!
The Book Heroine is moving to Wordpress! Many of my book blogger friends have already made the jump and I had just been waiting for a reason. Well, Blogger served that reason on a silver platter when they removed friend connect. I am working on my new site and will have a Grand Opening with lots of book reviews, author interviews, and give aways! Until then, keep reading!


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