Review Policy

Updated: October 2011.

Am I accepting review copies? YES! I am accepting Kindle formatted galleys and physical ARCs. I am not accepting PDF or any sort of doc format as I do not have time to read at my computer. These reviews are read by ages 12 and up, so I am interested in:

  • Young Adult
  • Middle School

If you personally send me a request, I will respond a.s.a.p. to inform if I will accept the review or not.
To send a request, email me at:

**FYI, I am booked for reviews for November and December. If you would like to add to January's list, then please contact**

What you can expect to get out of my reviews.

I am here to share my opinion of books read. Because I am not trying to become an analyzing expert, I will only read books that I am interested in or that my students will be interested in. As a reading teacher, I go through many books a month and couldn't contain the knowledge I have of each. That's why I am here.

Some of my reviews will be highly analytical while others will only express my heartfelt feelings. Both may be positive or negative as I feel a reviewer should be. Not everyone can get an A+ on their work! I will be honest and explain any positive or negative comments so that it is helpful.

My Rating:
                ☆ - Did not like it at all
            ☆☆ - Kept some interest
        ☆☆ - Good overall
    ☆☆ - Pretty great

To be perfectly honest, not many will get five stars. I am quite peculiar about what I read and review.
My reviews will be shared on here as well as Goodreads and Amazon. If you would like it posted elsewhere, please include that in your email request. All summaries will come from the book's jacket,, or from the publisher/author.

Types of novels accepted. 

Genres that I prefer:

  • paranormal
  • dystopian
  • post-apocalyptic
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • chick lit
  • contemporary fiction
  • historical fiction
  • psychological
  • science fiction

I do not usually accept:

  • nonfiction: autobiographies/biographies/memoirs (unless previously agreed with the author)
  • graphic novels
  • horror