Monday, April 11, 2011

e Readers

 Nook vs. Kindle. Entourage vs. Kobo. There are quite a few options to e readers. I have decided to ask YOU what you think of these digital book readers. Being a new book reviewer, I haven't begun to make a name for myself with publishers and have yet to get many ARCs in the mail. Until then, I think the ease of an e reader will help. At this point, I am making slow progress down my list of downloaded arcs from Netgalley.

So what is your preference and why? Do you think color is important if you are not a magazine reader? Comment with your thoughts...

The Book Heroine


  1. I would prefer to read ebooks on an Android powered device (ie my phone or a tablet). That way it will work across all devices not just some flimsy ereader that only serves 1 purpose.

  2. Thanks for your opinion, John. I have already decided an e reader, flimsy or not, is right for me. I am reading a lot of books and my eyes can't take such small writing or little screens. I'd rather not buy a tablet either. I am more looking for advice on the differences between e readers based on people's experiences with them.

  3. Kindle!!! You can read the kindle on android phone, iphone, computer, ipad, whatever…plus netgalley put the kindle button back up! It’s super easy to read books now. Plus, I’ve had a couple authors send me their book files which I can manually transfer onto the kindle. It’s easy. Plus, the way the book looks on the kindle-the pages, there is no glare, it looks just like a book page. Also, you can put books in different folders on kindle, making it easy to find what you wanna read. So, my vote is for kindle all the way!! Plus, the new one is only $139….it’s a great deal

  4. I'm a new follower through BookBlogs! I am running into this same dilemma. I do have Nook and Kindle on my Android but I want something bigger but I don't want to have to read off of my laptop. I am getting mixed feedback.

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  5. I say go with the nook. I've yet to find a book that can't be read on it. You can get your books from pretty much anywhere except Amazon. I hate how the Kindle has you locked in and they constantly are having issues with other companies when they try to get Kindle options. netgalley users were unable to use kindle for months for some reason. The Nook also has apps for phones and the computer as well. I really have absolutely nothing bad to say about my nook. I've had it almost a year and have no problems with it. I LOVE my nook:) Good luck with whatever you decide. Shari over at Oh btw I found you on the blog hop and I'm a new follower.